Learn more about hang gliding than you thought possible in two days!

You will get a taste of high altitude hang gliding with an instructor by your side, as well as the opportunity to launch, fly and land by yourself on our 65 foot training hills.

In just two days, you can achieve the skills necessary to successfully complete the requirements for the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (USHPA) Hang 1, beginner, foot launch rating. You will learn foot launching and landing skills on our 65 foot training hill and you will acquire beginner flying skills through our high altitude lessons by flying to 1800’ with a certified instructor by your side. High altitude tandem instructional flights are the perfect complement to your hill training lesson!

We offer the Weekend Package during the week as well. We just call it the Weekend Package because it only takes two to three days to complete. This package can be upgraded to any Novice Training Package

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The Weekend Package includes:

  • Achieve Your Beginner Foot Launch Rating
  • A fun, hands on intro to the basics of hang gliding safety, foot-launching and flying.
  • 20 training hill flights
  • 2 instructional tandem flights to 1800′