The VIP Package provides you with the most experience, the most preparation, and the most comprehensive instruction available. If you’re the type of person who likes to excel quickly, go for the VIP Package.

Achieve your United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (USHPA) Hang I and Hang II (beginner and novice) foot launch ratings and your Hang I and Hang II aerotow ratings. Most students will fly solo from the mountain or aerotow in less than one week.

Each morning you will be in our training hill program working towards your foot launch rating. Your afternoons will be spent in our tandem program working towards your aerotow rating.

Your foot launch training begins on flat ground. Then you will learn to launch, fly, and land on our 65-foot grassy training hill. Progressing at your own rate, your next step is to learn how to execute turns and perfect your landings on our 125-foot training hill. Once you have graduated from our comprehensive hill training program, you are ready for your first supervised, solo mountain flights from our 1,340 Lookout Mountain launch site.

Your aerotow training is completed by flying side by side (tandem) with an instructor. Using an ultralight aircraft specifically designed to tow hang gliders, you and your instructor are towed up to 1800 feet much like a water skier is towed behind a boat. Once the desired altitude is reached the instructor releases from the tow plane, so you will work on towing skills and flying skills during each tandem.

Moving forward at your own pace, you will learn to launch and tow the tandem glider behind the ultralight aircraft, to fly the glider, to set up approach patterns, and to land smoothly on your wheels in our huge landing field! Once you get consistent with these tasks, you will be ready to fly solo aerotow.

There are huge benefits to integrating your aerotow and foot launch training: three hours of airtime with an instructor before your first solo makes you the most prepared new pilot you can be and by learning both launch methods you can quickly gain airtime as a solo pilot. The VIP is the best at a generous savings. Not only do you receive the most training, but it also includes10% off equipment, your training manual, and all required membership fees to achieve your United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association ratings.

Buy Now! Training Overview

The VIP Package includes:

  • A fun, hands on intro to the basics of hang gliding safety, foot-launching and flying.
  • 12 instructional tandem flights to 1800′
  • Mountain ground school
  • 5 supervised 1340′ mountain solo flights
  • Official USHPA training manual Hang Gliding for Beginner Pilots
  • One-year USHPA membership dues
  • USHPA Beginner and Novice ratings & fees
  • Complimentary use of the training hills
  • Free parachute clinic
  • 10% discount on all flight gear (excluding gliders)