The World’s Most Advanced Concrete Radial Ramp…

Aerial View of Launch Ramp
Launch Ramp

WIND: Northwest
MSL: 2020′

Lookout Mountain’s main launch is a large concrete radial ramp facing northwest. With over 20 miles of ridge running southwest to northeast, our site is ideal for ridge soaring.

The ridge is soarable in 8 to 12 mph winds (depending on the conditions) out of the northwest. The ramp creates “ramp suck” on windy northwest days that can require three and sometimes four person wire crews.

In light winds, some running steps and a low nose angle are all that are needed.

During light cycles on tailing days, the mountain is launchable with a hard run. On southwest days, there is a hole created by a rotor from the pro shop building and trees to the left of launch. This hole causes gliders to drop low after launch; a good launch requires a low nose angle.

The LZ provides a large and safe landing area with plenty of smooth grass. The LZ is 2000′ x 1000′ (about 44 acres) and is about one mile in front of launch. On strong northwest days the LZ can be very switchy and turbulent due to the strong rotor caused by the foothills. Also the LZ can be very turbulent during mid day conditions.

All pilots must be a rated member of USHPA and a current member of Lookout Mountain Flight Park.

General Aviation Policy

LMFP Landing Field

FAA Airport Indentifier: 0GE3 More Info

This is a challenging, experienced pilot only kind of place to land and take off – if you have the correct aircraft. You must have prior permission to fly in and out of LMFP.

Obstacles are on both sides — a rough field, tall trees and rapidly rising foot hills on the northern end, medium trees on the south end.

We also have a lot of hang glider and ultralight traffic (almost constant, very slow flying aircraft).

We would advise that you check it out by flying into an airport that is close by then driving over to see if this is a place that you want to fly into and out of with your aircraft.

Pilots must have prior permission before flying into and out of Lookout’s LZ.

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