VIP Package – $1799
Be the best pilot you can be! Excel quickly with our most inclusive package all while enjoying the beautiful mountain campus of the Harvard of hang gliding. Learn More… Buy Now!
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Novice Aerotow Package – $1699
Flatland flying in the mountains. Get the most airtime in the shortest amount of time. Learn More… Buy Now!
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Eagle Package – $999
Give your dreams wings. Our most popular package, an economical way to add tandems to your learning experience. Learn More… Buy Now!
Mountain Package – $699
Learn how to launch off of a perfectly good mountain. Designed for the active student on a tight budget! Learn More… Buy Now!
Weekend Package – $399
Come play in the mountains for a couple of days! Beautiful mornings on our bunny hills and gorgeous evenings soaring above Lookout Mountain. Learn More… Buy Now!
Introductory Experience – $249
Let your feet leave the ground. Play on the bunny hills and then fly with an instructor over spectacular Lookout Mountain. 7:45am start time. Learn More… Buy Now!
College Program
Most college students are living on a pretty tight budget, but we know you still want to scratch your adventure itch. So, we’ve designed two programs to meet the needs of college students. Learn More…
Continuing Ed
Lookout Mtn. Flight Park is the only mountain/aerotow training center offering structured continuing education and accelerated programs. These clinics and programs are intensive, challenging, and fun. Whether you’re an aspiring novice pilot or you’ve just completed your first mountain solo flights, or even if you’re an advanced pilot, one of these clinics is designed to meet your goals. Learn More…