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The Integrated Training Approach!
A step up from the Mountain Package! State-of-the-art tandem aerotow flight training is the perfect complement to your hill training lessons and provides you with the best integrated and streamlined method of learning. Achieve your Hang I, beginner, and Hang II, novice, foot launch ratings, your beginner aerotow rating, and fly solo in the mountains in as few as six days. By including instructional tandems with your flight training, you will progress faster, be more confident, and be better prepared for solo mountain flying. (One tandem instructional flight provides you more actual flying time than 50 training hill flights.) You gain valuable hang gliding knowledge while flying at altitude during your tandem flights: altitude recognition, turns, flying at different airspeeds, and working on your landing approach. This training package is designed for the student who is time conscious and desires to spend more time in the air and less time on the ground during training. Additional tandems $85.00 each if needed. Buy Now! Training Overview The Eagle Package includes:
  • A fun, hands on intro to the basics of hang gliding safety, foot-launching and flying.
  • 4 instructional tandem flights to 1800′
  • 50 training hill flights
  • Mountain ground school
  • USHPA Beginner and Novice ratings
  • 4 Supervised 1340′ Mountain Solo Flights