Novice Package $399.00

For students who currently have a USHPA beginner rating. Up to 20 training flights, equipment provided. Plus mountain ground school and two supervised mountain launches.

Hills Upgrade $399.00
Take advantage of an extra 50 training hill flights before you fly solo from Lookout Mountain. For students currently enrolled in the Mountain Package. Good for two years.

Mountain Solo Clinic $149.00
Requires Novice rating. Three supervised flights on your glider from 1,340 foot Lookout Mountain. Glider rental is additional.

Aerotow Clinic $549
Designed for experienced foot launch pilots interested in getting their aerotow rating, the aerotow clinic includes five student tandems and your aerotow equipment (primary and secondary releases and your aerotow bridle).

If you need more tandems, they are available for $85 per flight. If you don’t need all five tandems, you can trade out tandem tickets for solo tows (dollar value). Five solo tows are required to receive your aerotow rating. Savings of over $50.

10-Tandem Training Package $799.00
A great training value for novice rated pilots who want to become aerotow rated. Students must be enrolled in a Lookout Mountain Novice Package or have a current Hang 2 rating.

Students are ready to solo aerotow when they can consistently launch, tow, fly, set up a safe, conservative approach and land the tandem glider without the assistance of their tandem instructor.

Intermediate Clinic
Because every student has different goals, different availability, and different skills, Lookout Mountain offers custom packages designed to further your development as a pilot. We offer thermal training, ridge soaring training, assisted windy cliff launch training, aerotow training, landing training and more. Please call 1-800-688-5637 to discuss options and pricing.

Training Overview