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Tandem Aerotow Instruction, No training hills required

Achieve your United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (USHPA) Hang I, Beginner, and Hang II, Novice, aerotow ratings and fly solo in as few as 3 to 4 days. Your initial aerotow instruction will be flying side by side (tandem) with an instructor. Using an ultralight aircraft specifically designed to tow hang gliders, you and your instructor are towed up to 1800 feet much like a water skier is towed behind a boat. Once the desired altitude is reached, the instructor releases from the tow plane and the real excitement begins! Progressing at your own rate, your goal will be to learn to launch and tow the tandem glider behind the ultralight aircraft, to fly the glider, to set up approach patterns, and to land smoothly on your wheels in our huge landing field. The landing zone is 2000 feet long and 1000 feet wide, providing an ideal airstrip for towing, launching and landing hang gliders. You are training with a goal of performing these five tasks consistently in order to be ready to tow solo to 2000 feet! Tandem aerotow training provides you with the most air time and makes learning to fly accessible to a wider variety of people. This package is ideal for students who do not want to learn to fly on the training hills as a result of preference, a previous sports injury, or physical conditioning. In addition to teaching you to fly, the Novice Aerotow Package also includes10% off equipment, your training manual, and all required membership fees to achieve your United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association ratings. Additional tandems $85.00 each if needed. Buy Now! Training Overview The Novice Aerotow Package includes:
  • A fun, hands on intro to the basics of hang gliding safety, aerotow and flying.
  • 15 instructional tandem flights to 1800′
  • 3 solo aerotow flights to 1800′, all equipment included
  • Official Training Manual
  • One-year USHPA membership dues
  • USHPA Beginner and Novice ratings & fees
  • 10% discount on all flight gear (excluding gliders)