Wallaby Trip

A group of Lookout pilots headed to Florida’s Wallaby Ranch for Wills Wing’s 11th Annual Fly-In and Party. They had an amazing time helping Wills Wing celebrate 35 years in hang gliding by demoing all of Wills Wing’s glider models. When I spoke to Terry Presley and Eric Donaldson, they both raved about the amazing flying and about taking a trip down hang gliding’s memory lane. The days went like this: wake up, demo a new glider in the early, buttery beautiful air, chill out and have lunch, then take the Falcon3, Sport 2, U2, T2, or T2C back up for a mid afternoon soaring flight, and finally food and festivities with around 300 attendees. Cloudbase was around 6 grand all week, and climbs of 12-1500 fpm and flights back and forth between Quest and Wallaby were common. Eric’s favorite flights were on the T2C,”It’s all carbon, sleek and aero. It’s the baddest boy out there.” Terry said the best part of the week was having the whole Wills family there and watching the films of their first attempts at flight. “To see the progression within a few months was amazing.” They went from bamboo and duct tape to hang gliders in a couple of months. According to Terry, “Nobody came home disappointed!” In fact, there are anonymous reports that some came home with new nicknames. Welcome home, Tinkles. If anyone has any photos they would like to share, email Jen at fly@hanglide.com.