Family of Flyers

All of the Webster Family recently completed their training with us. That means mom Bobbie, dad Robert, and their kids Carl and Morgan all had their first solo flights. We enjoyed having them and they had a blast! Here’s what they had to say:


I just wanted to send a quick note thanking EVERYONE on the staff for two GREAT weeks of flying. If it werent for the efforts and dedication of the entire staff, which included many above and beyond efforts, none of us would have had the opportunity to solo! We truly appreciate your dedication, professionalism, and desire to pass on your love of hang gliding! We cannot wait to get back!

Thanks again for everything!

Curt’s Comments

Well, I came down to camp, hang out with my brother-in-law, and take a few flights off the training hills. I don’t know what happened, It’s all a blur. I took one flight from the small training hill and the next thing I know I’m standing on the mountain looking at the LZ getting ready to launch my first solo flight. What a blast! (Don’t worry, he took more than one training hill flight before he cleared to fly from the mountain! – Editor)

I am super impressed with the level of professionalism of all the instructors as well as everyone I came in contact with at LMFP. You guys obviously love what you do. You made me feel very confident with my skills and progression toward solo from mountain.

I can’t wait to get back down to fly some more. (In fact, that is all I can think about)

Thank You

Very Sincerely,

Columbia City, IN

Holly had a great day

Holly Max after.
First, let me say that I never thought I was the “hang gliding” type. Now, after 15 minutes of flight time with Dan I cannot imagine that being a once in a life time experience. I began planning for my return trip before I even got back into my car. I’ve never felt more alive.
Dan is wonderful. His fantastic sense of humor and vast knowlege of hang gliding made it impossible to be nervous once I met him. I smiled the entire flight and have the photos to prove it.
I was amazed to see how affordable flight training really is. It truly is something that everyone can do. It certainly mixes things up between kids, cleaning house and working.
I will absolutely be back and though I am sure all of your pilots are just as skilled and fantastic as Dan is, I will never forget and always appreciate my first flight with him.
Thanks again…
Holly Karpew

She likes us!

In the words of Donna, one of our students:
Hi! I just wanted to say thanks to all of you for a great time of flying last weekend. My husband and I love to come there (he likes to sit on the deck, drink coffe and watch everyone fly) and I always feel like everyone is cheering me on when I go up. I just started “learning” how to fly and still feel like a dummy but I know more than I did before last weekend! My husband got tired of hearing me say I wish I could try hangliding just once and got us a weekend there last October. I went up on Saturday with Eric with no ponytail and then went up on Sunday with Eric with a ponytail. Because these two guys were so nice and did not think I was a foolish 53 year old who was too fat and too old to do this I came back readyto learn to fly on my own! (My pictures from that trip are my screen savers!) Last weekend I flew with Anders and the twoErics again. They all made me feel like I had truly caught on and were so supportive. Then when I came back for a second flight on Sunday after moving out of the cabin, the ground crew appeared to be so happy I was getting another flight in. I cannot wait to come back! Now I feel like we are coming home to friends when we get there. I have told everyone they need to come there and try this at least once in their life. I am sure there are nice people at the other places but I just cannot imagine them being as special as your guys. If I had not had the two Erics to fly with in October and all the friendly folks in the office and at the ground launch I probably would have just chalked it up to something I did and left it at that. When my friends ask why I go to Lookout Mountain I tell them it’s because of the great people in the office and the guys you fly with. Thanks to the Erics for that first flight. Your instructors are something to be proud of. After taking up 25 people that just want a chance to hanglide and then making me feel like I was the first one they had dealt with – that’s Customer Service! I own a company that deals with medical patients all day and I know how valuable good employees are. Your folks are worth their weight in gold.! Thanks again for the oppoturnity to experience one of the most wonderful things I have ever done in my life! Donna Roach

Thank you for a great experience!

Hello All! We planned our July Chattanooga Vacation not sure if we wanted to try to Hang Gliding or not. I am so glad the family all decided to do it. It was the highlight of the vacation!! The kids still have not stopped talking about it! You have given us memories to last forever! I want to say THANK YOU to your staff and instructors for making it all happen! Plus the sense of humor the instructors have is priceless!!! I would highly recommend your business to all that inquire! And the pictures are a MUST to add on to the experience! Thank you so much again! We had an amazing time! Liz, Craig, Danielle and Alex, from Illinois!
Denny on approach Dani and Eric