They’re not coming, but we’re still having a party!

Well, the Flytec Race and Rally pilots made it to Americus, Georgia yesterday, but faced with conditions looking bleak for XC flying, the plans to head north changed. Instead, the Race and Rally is heading south. We hate it, but the Flytec Race and Rally pilots will not be at Lookout this weekend. However, we are still having aWelcome to the Season Partyfor flight park members, students, friends and family. Because there is catered food, a keg and music. We are charging $10 for adults.

We’re Having A Party!

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Mark your calendars. To celebrate the Flytec Race and Rally, our first party of the season will be May 9. Plans include music from Theresa Link, food, and drink. Lookout is the proposed finish line for the Flytec Race and Rally. The Race starts in Florida and is a seven day traveling competition ending at (or around) Lookout. 700 miles in seven days! Join us for dinner, dancing and to welcome the competition pilots to Lookout (some of whom will be joining us for the first time). Festivities begin at 7pm on May 9.