Tomorrow’s Parachute Clinic

We still have a couple spaces left for tomorrow’s Parachute Clinic. The clinic will go over the components of your safety system and how to use them. Bring your harness and helmet for practice deployments. This clinic does NOT teach how to repack your chute. Please call 706-398-3541 or 1-800-688-5637 to reserve your space in theclinic. The clinic meets in the sew shop at 1pm Sunday August 30.

Parachute Clinic

There will be a parachute clinic on Saturday June 14 at 11am. We will cover how to deploy your chute, practice deployments, and equipment information in general. The clinic will last 1-2 hours depending on the size of the group. Please call 1-800-688-5637 or email to reserve your space. The clinic is free to all VIP students and is $25 for all other pilots. Knowledge of your reserve and how to use it will make you a safer, more confident pilot. Please plan to join us!