Some of our newer pilots

We’ve had quite a few new pilots lately, but not a whole lot of photos of them. I was lucky enough to get a few of our most recent new pilots before and after their first flights. For those pilots that I’m missing please feel free to send me any photos or videos and I’ll post it here. The best way to reach me is Congratulations to the following…
Max's Launch Max after.
Max Mauldin’s launch, Max after a great flight!
Patrick Ken
Patrick pre launch, Ken getting ready to go
the stewarts Keel
The Stewart Brothers, Keel

New Mountain Pilots

We’ve had some great conditions for new mountain pilots.In the past week John Carr, Roxy Slagle, Eugene Alexandrin, Ann Gilbert Chase, Catherine Gagnon, and Mathieu Berube have made their first solo mountain flights. Welcome to the sky!
Roxy getting ready Roxy Slagle about to run off the mountain. Catherine Gagnon Catherine Gagnon’s excellent launch.
Jonathan Carr Jonathan Carr’s first launch. Eugene Alexandrin Eugene Alexandrin gets ready to fly.