Winter Flying

Well we’ve weathered the storm. In the valley we got at least 6 inches of snow and the top of the mountain got around 8 inches of snow. In Georgia, that’s enough to shut things down for awhile. But we’re back! The roads are looking good, conditions are good. Heck, it’s launchable right now! The weekend outlook is light SW-W on Saturday and light NNW on Sunday. Yesterday, Mike cleaned up launch so that he, JC, Megan, and Eric could take a flight. The sun came out and it turned into a beautiful afternoon. Check it out…
snowView from Launch
dancingView from Launch
dancingView from Launch
dancingMike Shoveling Launch
dancingMike and His Snow Removal Speed Bar
dancingMike’s Launch
dancingEric (sorry it’s kind of fuzzy)

Bunkhouse Under New Management

LMFP is now managing the bunkhouse. Please notice the changes and improvements!

Reservations are now required and are handled by the LMFP pro shop. Please call 706-398-3541 or 1-800-688-5637 between 9-6 eastern standard time Thursday-Monday. The pro shop office is also open on Tuesdays during peak season.

Access to the bunkhouse will be limited to people actually staying at the bunkhouse. The code to unlock the door will be provided at the time of making the reservations. This is for guests privacy.

The rates will remain the same. $20 per night including sheets, pillow and pillow case. During our slower times and at the discretion of LMFP, there is the option of renting the top bunk for your personal belongings (when staying in the lower bunk). The cost is $10 and does not include sheets, pillow and pillow case.

Our goal at LMFP is to train our student pilots to fly and to create a safe, comfortable place for them to stay, study, and rest.