In-flight Videos

We are now offering in-flight videos of your tandem! Your entire flight is recorded using a video camera mounted on the wing, edited, and set to music. The end result is a beautiful record of your flight. The edited videos are approximately 3-5 minutes. For more information or to reserve your flight and video, please call 1-800-688-5637.

Some Photos

We were lucky to have Mauricio, a professional photographer, train with us last summer. He took some beautiful shots. Here are some that I love.
Tom hagerJesse Left to right: Instructor Tom Hager, Jesse Cayce
ronLauren Left to right: Instructor and Trike Pilot Ron Knight, Instructor Lauren Wall
Jeff BozarthKid Dave Left to right: Jeff Bozarth, Tug Pilot Kid Dave
Pablo on FinalPablo in the Plane Left to right: Pablo as hang glider pilot, Pablo as tug pilot