A Beautiful Weekend and Plenty of New Pilots

Three days of northwest winds does a body good!

We had an amazing weekend. Launch was packed with pilots and there were people soaring all over the sky. Many pilots had excellent flights including some xc flights. A group of people launched from Henson’s with the goal of making it all the way to Lookout. This is not often accomplished, but word has it that Ollie Gregory and Steve Lee made it.

We also had great conditions for new pilots. Saturday morning five new pilots made their first mountain flights. Jonas, Rob, and Hailey (no photo ofHailey yet, she actually soloedthis morning)have been here for the past week videoing their training to make a scienceDVD about the atmospherefor middle school students

I apologize for the quality of some of the photos below. They are a bit bright.

On a side note, the schedule for the Summer Clinics Series is not up yet. We are still getting everything together. We will start on June 7 or 14. I’ve had a lot of positive feedback from everyone about the clinics and we’re excited to get started!

Jonas Stenstram
Jonas' launchJonas' launch
Jonas leaves the mountain!
Rob NelsonRob Nelson
Rob Nelson’s Launch
MarcMarc's launch
Marc Willis getting ready to launch, Marc’s first flight
StevenSteven's Launch
Steve Pampreen and his launch
Tim Martin
Tim Martin
Tim MartinTim Martin
Tim Martin’s launch

Three New Pilots

Saturday afternoon and Sunday shaped up to be nice, flyable days. Saturday late afternoon Carl made it to the point and students had beautiful training conditions. Sunday ended up being the kind of day that new pilots could fly all day. We had three first mountain flights. Congratulations Steve Sexton, Billy Campbell, and Joe Wyffels.
SteveSextonChalk Talk Left to right: Steve Sexton, Billy Campbell and Joe Wyffels doing their chalk talk with Dan
SteveSteve Steve’s launch…He ended up with three flights in one day.
BillyBilly Campbell getting ready for his first flight.
BillyBilly Billy’s first launch
Joe Joe Wyffels getting ready for his first launch.
joeJoe Joe’s first launch.