It’s going to be a beautiful weekend.

The weather outlook for this weekend is gorgeous. The winds are projected to be light, the skies clear and the temperatures getting up into the low 70′s. As the valley heats up, I predict that the winds will blow in. And, of course, the tow program will be up and running all weekend. The valley is beautiful right now. The leaves haven’t peaked yet, so everything is green with the fall colors starting to come out on trees throughout the mountain. It just makes you smile. Come fly with us! Oh, new mountain pilots, check back soon. I have some first mountain flight photos to post.

Fall Flying, Claire, Halloween and the BOD

We had some great flying days this week and Tuesday I had a great little flight. Tuesday is our Saturday around here and I spent the morning running errands with my son, all the while keeping an eye on every flag in town. Being a mom of a toddler, you need to take advantage of every flying chance you get but you also need to take advantage of all your napping opportunities. I laid down for a quick, 20 minute afternoon nap and an hour and a half later, woke up, looked up and saw at least fifteen gliders in the air. The day was projected to turn northeast, so I grabbed my harness and drove up top hoping that I wasn’t too late to launch. It was still straight in, well, maybe a bit north, but there were some really nice cycles. My launch felt so nice and there was lift all the way out to Burkhalter. Smooth, bouyant lift. I had to choose to come down. Flight stories from earlier in the day were that Catherine marked the first thermal, Dan had an awesome low save at about 400′ AGL, and the sky was filled with some old friends from Wisconsin. It’s great to be a part of a flying community that even during the week, when the conditions are flyable, there are plenty of friends to fly with. What’s to come… This is a big weekend. Our annual Halloween Costume Party is this Saturday. For $10 you get a great dinner, beer and a band. Don’t forget your costumes! There will be CASH PRIZES. Also the USHPA Board of Directors meeting is in Chattanooga this weekend. Pilots are welcome to attend. Claire will be conducting her last safety seminar of the season on Sunday, 10:30 AM, at the pavilion. The theme this time will be: How to maintain your flying skills and stay current in the winter. Claire would like to encourage pilots to bring any question they have and also share the story of their best flight of the season. This will wrap up the seminar series. I love this time of year! The sky is so clear you can see for miles and everything just feels so crisp. The leaves have just started to change, so the peak autumn colors are still to come. Something else to look forward to!