Kyle and Ray

Ray and KyleKyle's Launch Left to right: Kyle and Ray, Kyle’s first launch
We just had a great father and son duo come all the way from Alaska to learn how to fly with us. Ray (Dad) was a pilot years ago, but he had not flown in many years. Kyle, Ray’s 19 year old son, is an extreme skier in Alaska but he had never flew before. They only had six training days with us and learning to fly in six days is, well, no easy task. But Kyle did it! On his last day here, Kyle got his first two mountain flights. His flights were textbook. He was awesome! It was a pleasure to have Ray and Kyle here. It’s always fun to have students come from so far away. I was full of questions about Alaska and Ray was full of answers and amazing photos of the bears and beautiful scenery. Thanks for making the trip to see us, guys. We hope to see you again soon.