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Year Round Flying

We get a lot of calls from people asking if we fly year round.  We do!  In fact, the cooler air that comes with winter is more dense than the warmer air in the summer.  What does that mean to our students?  SImply put, it is easier to launch off of the ground in the cool, dense air, so this is a great time of year to get flying on the bunny hills!  And, now through January 13 save $100 off of the Mountain, Eagle, or VIP Packages.  Keep flying!

New Year Lesson Sale!

Print Your Gift Certificate At Home

Come Fly!

There’s still time to give the gift of flight! You can give the gift of flight by calling us at 706-398-3541 or on our online store.

Need a gift certificate in a hurry? You can print out a temporary gift certificate immediately so your loved one can have something to open while you wait for the actual gift certificate to arrive (the temporary gift certificate is also available on our online store). Please keep in mind that the gift certificate that you print out is only a temporary fix and can’t be redeemed. You will receive the actual gift certificate in the mail as quickly as possible. The mailed gift certificate is the one to bring to LMFP.

This could be you!

Explore Georgia Agrees!

Explore Georgia thinks hang gliding makes a great Holiday gift, and we agree!  Call us or visit our online store (…remember, anybody who purchases a tandem on our online store is entered to win a FREE MOUNTAIN PACKAGE!  Learn to fly for FREE!

Save $50…one day only! Monday, December 2

Monday, December 2. One day only! Save $50 on a Cloud Chaser Helmet, Flytec 6005, Flytec 6010, Flytec 6015 or Flytec 6030!