1st Flight

Year Round Flying

We get a lot of calls from people asking if we fly year round.  We do!  In fact, the cooler air that comes with winter is more dense than the warmer air in the summer.  What does that mean to our students?  SImply put, it is easier to launch off of the ground in the cool, dense air, so this is a great time of year to get flying on the bunny hills!  And, now through January 13 save $100 off of the Mountain, Eagle, or VIP Packages.  Keep flying!

New Year Lesson Sale!

Our Newest Pilots

We love working with all of our students and this week was no exception. We are proud to announce our four newest pilots Andy, Michelle, Jacob, and Stephanie. We are especially pleased to have Michelle get her first flight. Michelle was a pilot back in the 70′s but had not been in the air since then. She was itching to get back in the air and today was the day. Great job everyone!

Andy, Michelle, Jacob, Stephanie

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Team Covenant College!

Covenant College

A great first day of training with our new hang gliding club, Team Covenant College! Anybody interested in starting a club at your university, give us a call!!! Get ready for the US Collegiate Nationals, summer 2014. #keepflying

New Pilots, New Gliders

Congratulations to Chloe, Jennifer, Annette, Tony, Pat and Daniel on your excellent first flights.  Welcome to the sky!  And, congratulations to Tony on his beautiful new glider!  Tony was out on the bunny hills this morning learning to fly his new wing!

Tony’s New Glider!

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