Airspace and Going to the Point

  Before flying to the point, you must notify the shop. This is because Chattanooga’s Class C airspace starts approximately 1/2 mile southwest of Covenant College andwe need tostay below 3330 feet MSL tokeep out of this Class C airspace.
We have the ability to get permission, on particular days, to fly in a section of this airspace called Area A. We get this permission by calling the Chattanooga Tower and “Activating Area A”. There are several immediate benefitsof Activating Area A:
1. We do not have to adhere to the Class C ceiling restriction in Area A.
2. The Chattanooga Tower will advise all other users of Class C Airspace Area A of the hang gliding activity.
If the shop is closed,and there are no employees to speak with the Tower, then you are expected to follow the flight rules and fly below these levels or above the maximum airspace level.
Additional Airspace Information, The following is NOT INCLUDED IN AREA A:
If you are east of the brow at the power lines to near Covenant College, the maximum altitudeis even lower, 2600 feet MSL, . This area east of the brow is the approach zone of Chattanooga runway 220 and it is our responsibillityto stay out of this airspace for the safety of the public. Stay slightly in front of the ridge near the power lines!
For more information on the airspace location and to review the sectional, please come visit us at the pro shop.
As pilots, it is extremely important to safely follow airspace guidelines and to maintain a positive relationship with the Chattanooga Tower. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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