Some Testimonials

Here are some past testimonials from people who have learned to fly with us or who have come to fly a tandem. Check them out and see what people think.

Hi to all,
Did I REALLY do this? Thank you for not only making my mountain flight possible, but so safe and enjoyable as well. As far as I’m concerned your training program knocks the cover off the ball! It was an incredibly memorable experience. I plan to be back for more.
You guys are top notch and I love you all.

Just wanted to say thanks to you and your team. Lookout is an absolutely first class operation that is run professionally with staff that is both talented and enthusiastic about Hang Gliding. All three instructors I had the pleasure of working with (Dan, Steve, and Gordon) had decades of HG experience,and also worked with me individually to get the most out of my experience at Lookout Mtn, and make my training time there very effective. Everyone on staff knew me, my experience, goals, and what I had accomplished the day before. I think that your instructors must have 100+ years of combined HG training experience yet every day they bring a sense of enthusiasm that keeps learning fun. Great team. The facilities, especially the training hills are fantastic as they allow you to make the most of just about any wind conditions. For someone getting started that is extremely important as many other locations are shut down due to a small shift in the winds which can be frustrating. Of course, having multiple towing airplanes, pilots and tandem instructors lets you build significant air time quickly. Just a couple of tandems enabled me to learn and demonstrate tasks that would have taken multiple days at a training hill. Put it all together and this is a great location and team for getting HG training in a very efficient and effective way. And lets not forget a great mountain launch ramp overlooking a beautiful valley and a huge LZ that makes a first mountain flight fun and low stress.

Matt and crew:
Thanks for such an awesome past 3 weekends. It is incredibly cool and I am completed addicted. Soloing today was certainly one of the highlights of my life. Your instructors are all extremely professional and encouraging. I apologize in advance for missing some of the folks I’ve interacted with, but I wanted to particularly mention Gordon, Dan, Scott, Lauren, Rex, Steve, EricX2, Jerry, Christopher, Dianna etc. and the girls in the shop, Whitney, Angela, Lori, etc. You’ve got a great operation and a great team. I’ve already recommended you to several folks in Atlanta to go up and take your introductory session, or at least do a tandem flight. That definitely is one of the things everyone should check off on the list of things to do in a lifetime.I’ll look forward to seeing you guys again in the weekends and months and years to come.
All the best,
Wayne Whiteman

Dear Matt and Robin,(Diana, Eric, Gordon, Rex, Dan, Steve, Trevor and other staff members)
I find it hard to express in writing my gratitude for the awesome effort that all of you put forth in helping me accomplish my goals during my recent visit at your training facility. It would not have been possible without the obvious passion and positive work ethics. Many of you appear to be multi tasked and performed numerous job functions with accuracy and professionalism. What an experience it was to not only fly but to see such harmony and eagerness to help others succeed.As my mind replays the events of my visit and the processes of learning to Hang Glide, I feel unworthy of my thermal ride and extend flight after only 4 mountain jumps. The bird that joined me for a brief moment was the icing on the cake. To look into the eyes of a bird while flying is something that I would think are only in dreams.Dont pinch me because I do not want to wake up.Matt, your ability to do so many things at one time is incredible and the fact that you made me feel like I was the most important student there proves your facilities near flawless processes. I can not thank you enough and am eager to return to continue my training.Thank you for the great care you take to insure my safety and success. I would highly recommend your facility to anyone and in fact can not think of why anyone would want to go anywhere else to learn how to Hang Glide or even just experience a tandem aero tow.I applause you and your staff for your efforts and thank you for your patience. You have allowed my 40 year dream to come true in such a way that I plan to continue to fly all the rest of my days. My warmest thanks!
Forever Changed,
Ricker Goldsborough
P.S. See you again in about two weeks.

To the entire team at Lookout Mountain Flight Park:
I wanted to let all of you know what an incredible experience I had while I was at your Flight Park the week of May 21st. After almost a 25-year layoff, Im truly amazed at the progress thats been made in the sport and the degree of professionalism and safety that is now commonplace in what use to be something only the fool hearty would do. Everyone at LMFP truly exemplifies the evolution that has occurred in hang gliding from the professional and structured approach to training to the wonderful facilities and equipment that are an important part of LMFP. I also appreciate all of the special attention that each of you provided me as I attempted to re-acquire my sea legs. It was a great experience and I look forward to visiting again, and you can rest assured, I wont wait 25-years to do it again but I will first be practicing up on my landings on some bunny hills up here in Chicago!Ive now been home all of three days, and my feet still havent touched the ground.
You guys are great!
Kyle R. Oslos

I took my first tandem flight last Tuesday evening, just 10 days ago. Hang gliding was something I wished I could do for years, and then I saw that it was possible to tandem glide. I placed it on my “list to do” before I get too old, and on June 27th, you guys hosted me to the most serene event in my life. I had anticipated that it might be exciting, that it would probably leave me “high” from excitement, but I found it to be the most relaxing and calming experience I’ve ever had. The serenity has stayed with me all these days. Others have commented about my calmness through all the stress of the offices where I work. So, I want to say, “Thank you!!!” and hope you’ll extend my gratitude to the pilot who was wonderful with me. I didn’t catch his name, but he allowed me to have a very wonderful flight with all the views around us. We even sighted a pair of golden eagles soaring beneath us.
Julie Roberts, Cleveland, TN

We just wanted to say Thank you for a great time hang gliding. All five of my family had a great time. We want to say a special Thanks to Rex and Dan and the pilot. You all took wonderful care of my family. The time you took to answer questions and talk to the teenagers was very thoughtful. It sure made the experience a wonderful one and one the kids will never forget. I wasn’t sure about purchasing the pictures at first, but I am so glad that I did because I have looked at them endlessly! They are pictures that I will have for a lifetime and have already sent to all of my friends and family. Thanks again for a memorable time on Lookout Mountain.
Dave, Patty, Donna, Tyler, Jason, John, KayCee, Kathy

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