Winter Flying

Hello Free Flight Enthusiasts… Winter time is the time of ridge soaring. It’s the time of bundling up, dressing warm, staying warm and flying our butts off. This can be the best season of the year for some serious airtime. Especially for lower time pilots that want to work on their thermalling skills. Generally, what we do is ridge soar and use thermals to try to climb up over the ridge lift. If you lose the thermal, you can rely on the ridge lift to keep you soaring and then try again at that thermal. Another great benefit to winter flying is that you can actually see a lot more details in the terrain. With the leaves down, you’ll notice things you never saw before. It sure beats seeing the details on your tv screen. Are you thinking it’s too cold to fly? Take this advice from a former Yankee. If you are cold, you simply didn’t dress warm enough. Be prepared for the cold weather. Some people mistakenly dress almost the same for winter flying as they do for spring flying. It is really a whole different approach to dressing for the weather. You should treat your clothing like a snow skier would. Dress extra warm so you will be almost sweating. The places needing the most protection are the spots facing into the wind. Your face, hands, neck, head and shoulders. Cold weather checklist: turtleneck sweater or comparable for neck, wind proof jacket, barmitts or gloves, face coverage (some combination of visor helmet or balaclava or hankerchief, goggles), wool socks, long underwear, hang glider, and harness! Now you are prepared to soar with the eagles for hours. Dan

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