From: Sabrina Haywood…

I will try to keep this brief but it may be hard. We came up there this weekend with out kids a boy age 13 and a girl age 9. They did the Discovery tandem while their Dad and I watched. Ya’ll were so patient with them and made the experience wonderful for the whole family. I do believe you have hooked two children on hangliding and we will definitely be back. It is my hope that they will always have this love and no matter where they go in life be able to call each other and say “Let’s get together this weeked and hanglide”. Thank you so much for all you did, it will never be forgotten. I have enclosed two pictures that we made and you can see the pure joy on my daughters face. Thank you again for that. God Bless, Sabrina Haywood On Final approach to landing zone… An instant fan!! She wanted to go again!!!

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