Women’s Hang Gliding Festival Party Info

Hi All!  It’s approaching… that  beautiful  October weekend filled with great flying and some crazy parties!  We are in the busy planning stages for our Women’s Festival/Halloween party and need some folks to step out and lend some assistance in whatever way possible.  We still need 3 people to donate  kegs for Thursday and Friday night.  We also could use some more volunteers, specifically those who are willing to assist with decorating/clean up.  So far on our list of volunteers:  Tina/Judy/Stacy/Don/Denny/Nydia and Lia, and of course all the LMFP staff.  Please play a role if you see fit, even it it’s just for one night or flying event.   Once again the Week-end entertainment line-up: Thursday, Oct. 27th is the Meet/Greet/Eat/Drink get together at the pavillion beginning at 7 pm.  This is for REGISTRANTS only, so if you haven’t registered then please do so right away so we know how many t-shirts to order. The cost for registration is just $25.00, which includes the free dinner Thursday (serving homemade delicious soups) plus a cool vintage printed tshirt, among other goodies.  Both men and women are encouraged to register, the Thursday night get together will be fun!  We need three more people who would be willing to cook a big pot of soup for this evening. Friday, Oct. 28th is our highly popular Open Mic Night, hosted by Kid Dave!!  We already have a great line-up, with some new surprises and talent surfacing as well.   Dinner will be vegetable and meat lasagna,  good homemade breads, salad and dessert.  This will be $10 per person, a keg or two will be there as well.  If you want to participate in Open Mic, please let me know, we like to set participants up in advance. Saturday, Oct. 28th is our incredibly scary Halloween Party.   You can’t really have more fun than this, with a kick-ass band from B’ham,  delicious catered food from Sticky Fingers,  kegs of beer…. all for $10 bucks.  Make sure you’re getting your costume ready, there is always a contest, plus, it’s so much fun to see many creative people show their stuff.  Looking forward to a memorable weekend with everybody, please email me: stacy@pfsbham.com should you be interested in participating in any of the abovementioned requests.  Just think of the recognition you will receive, plus be my hero!   Our little culture needs your support. Thanks, Stacy Murdoch

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