Wills Wing Hang Strap Inspection Notice

Wills Wing has issued a technical bulletin regarding kingpost hang point hang loops. This could effect Sport 2′s, U2′s or replacement hang straps purchased between September 2010 to the present. If your glider is included in the timeframe of this technical bulletin, this is a mandatory inspection. http://willswing.com/Tech_Bulletins/pdf/TB20110825.pdf Pilots should follow the inspection procedure to determine if they need a replacement hang strap. If you are unable to determine your need or to inspect your hang strap, we are happy to do this for you. If you find that you do need a replacement hang strap, you will need to contact either us or Wills Wing directly. We will need to know the glider serial number, model and size. Also, if your hang strap is not a standard size, you will need to provide the distance from the clip in point on the hang loop to the top surface of the basetube.

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