Women’s Festival Update from Stacy

Hi Everybody! I’m excited to tell you that Lookout Mountain 2011 Women’s Hang Gliding Festival will be held on Halloween Weekend, beginning Thursday, Oct. 27th! We begin the event in typical fashion, a meet/greet/eat/drink style on Thursday evening. Friday Oct. 28th will be our Open Mike night, and Saturday Oct. 29th will, of course, be our Annual Halloween Party. Fun flying events will be planned each day. We will provide more details soon, but count on it being a super fun time for everybody. Volunteers and Beer Donations We need to go ahead and identify some folks who would like to volunteer to help out, we have a real need for that so please let Jen or myself know if you’d be interested in playing a role. We would also like to know who is interested in donating a keg for Thursday or Friday night. We all enjoy the beer, but there isn’t a free beer account anywhere that we know of, so help there would be much appreciated! Open Mike Night For those who like to entertain us, please contact me at stacy@pfsbham.com and I will place you on our Open Mike schedule. This is always a cool event for everyone, so please help spread the word and let anyone you know who would like to play an instrument, sing a song, harmonize, etc to contact me. Group Photo We are in need of a new group photo of female pilots. Please meet at launch at 10:30 am on Saturday September 3rd if you would like to be in the photo. Registration Visit the Women’s Hang Gliding Festival page. You will find general information, a calendar of events, and registration information So that’s it for now, looking forward to the fall and sharing this weekend with everybody. Stacy

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