Memorial Day Weekend

We’re gearing up for a fun Memorial Day weekend:
We would like to have a fun flying day for National Hang Gliding Day. We will let you know any updates when we have a better idea of weather!
Saturday, May 28 Memorial Day Party Social Event
Catered dinner, live music and adult beverages. Come join us at the LZ clubhouse at 7pm. $10 per person. Flight park members, students and their friends and family are welcome.
Saturday, May 28 National Hang Gliding Day Flying Event
Sunday, May 29 Parachute Clinic 1:00pm Clinic
Your safety system, its components and how to use them. Practice deployments. DOES NOT teach how to repack chutes. Limited to 10 participants. Taught by Jen Richards. Meet at the sew shop. Bring your harness and helmet. Call to register.

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