LMFP’s New Year’s Resolutions.

Most folks want to lose 10 pounds of holiday porkage off their waistline. Not us. It’s all about flying here. At least that’s what we tell the boss. With that in mind, here are LMFP’s New Year’s Resolutions. Any interest you may have in helping us attain these resolutions will be welcomed. 1. Teach and solo 150 new novice rated hang glider pilots, either mountain launch or aerotow launch. 2. Organize two fly-in events inviting pilots from throughout the world to come fly LMFP. And make them fun. 3. Increase our community outreach through supporting organizations that benefit local people and issues. 4. Smooth out the aerotow runway, install drainage tiles and resod the strip. 5. Improve and diversify our free Sunday clinic series. It’s already good, why not keep improving it.

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