Testimonial From Within the Biz

Loretta and Paul Hamilton, from Adventure Publications, received a request for information about learning to hang glide. The Hamiltons make amazing aviation films and training materials (including hang gliding, sport pilot aviation, and ultralight aviation materials), but they do not teach folks to hang glide so they forwarded the request on to us. Thank you Loretta and Paul for your continued support! The following is an email that we received from Loretta.

We always recommend Lookout Mountain Hang Gliding School: http://www.hanglide.com/. They have a great facility and everyone weve sent there has had a great time and received excellent instruction.

It is always better to travel for great instruction rather than stay local and suffer through bad instruction or no instruction. You can take a one week or two week vacation for total emersion and great value.

All the Best,
Loretta Hamilton
Phone/FAX 775.747.0175
Home: http://www.adventure-productions.com

One thought on “Testimonial From Within the Biz

  1. Hey Jen, just a note of thanks again. I’m so glad I was able to meet you all. Thanks for helping me achieve one of my goals. I guess everyone at one time or another has had a dream of flight. LMFP’s job is to make that dream a reality. Matt really has quality people working for him. I can’t wait to see you all again. Take care and smooth winds…Les

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