Hang Gliding Gifts for the Holidays

We have plenty of options for the pilots or potential pilots in your life. Some popular gifts for pilots include: helmets, wheels, gloves, Go Pro Cameras and accessories, bar mitts, comfy LMFP sweatshirts, and tow tickets. Or let your pilot choose for themselves with a gift certificate in any dollar amount. For our non-flying (or yet to be flying) friends, we recommend gift certificates for lesson packages, the Introductory Package, Discovery Tandems, or in any dollar amount. Information about all of your options can be found on our estore.

Keep in mind that our last ship date is Monday December 20 (orders should be placed before 11am 12/20). But, for those of you who tend to wait until the last minute, never fear, we’ve got you covered. You can print this temporary gift certificate out immediately so your loved one can have something to open while you wait for the actual gift certificate to arrive. Please keep in mind that the gift certificate that you print out is only a temporary fix and can’t be redeemed. You will receive the actual gift certificate in the mail as quickly as possible. The mailed gift certificate is the one to bring to LMFP.

Questions about your options? Give us a call at 1-800-688-5637 or 706-398-3541 and we’re happy to help!

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