Flying Events at September Fest…Win $250

Flying Events at September Fest 2010 Hello everyone. Were having some really fun flying events this Saturday the 18th. These events were designed for pilots of all skill levels to enjoy and for spectators too. Also, there will be free flying all weekend, and on Sunday there will be informal tasks based on pilots present. Saturday Tasks First we have a Big Bucks Spot Landing Contest. No entry Fee! Winner takes home $250!!! No limit on attempts unless eliminated for unsafe flares. Closest to the spot wins. A tie will have a sudden death tie breaker flight. Any high and unsafe flares will be eliminated. Any part of the glider touching the ground will eliminate the flight. Any unsafe approach patterns will be eliminated. Secondly, we have a best launch competition. This is free and easy to enter. All you have to do is launch, and you are entered. We will be filming the launches. Later in the evening, we will show the launches with a projector. The loudest cheer for any particular launch gets the trophy. Notice I said the loudest cheers, not jeers. The event will be accompanied by spot landing clinics by some great pilots. And for all you soaring pilots and soaring wannabes, here is another fun one. We will have some type of fishbowl race. This is a race that takes place all within the view of launch. The actual task will be determined the day of the race to account for weather given to us. An ideal race format would be two laps around a course that went from launch to the triangle field on the other side of the foot hill from the LZ, and then over to the blueberry farm, then back to the red roof house. The first one to complete the task and cross the finish line in the LZ wins. No start time, no clock timing, no GPS, no entry fee. Just be the first to complete the course and win your trophy!!! This is a great format for a hang 3 to sneak out and run around the course and maybe beat the long ball hitters. The task will keep all pilots next to a very big easy landing zone. You wont need a cross country rating or a restricted landing field rating to do this. We do need volunteers to help with the flying events. To sign up to volunteer, give us a call at 1-800-688-5637 or 706-398-3541 or email us at We hope to see you this weekend! Come fly with us! Dan

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