This Weekend and September Fest Update

Saturday, September 11, Pizza at the Pool $5 a person (7pm). There is a private wedding reception at the clubhouse, but after dinner has been served dancing and festivities are open to all flight park members and students.

Sunday, September 12, 1pm at pro shop. Dean Funk will be teaching Weather: Fall Soaring Conditions. This is a free clinic.

I’ve been getting some questions about what September Fest will be all about. Well, the idea is to do as much flying and fun flying competitions as we can! That means that the flying tasks will be dictated by the skill levels of the pilots present and the flying conditions. We want to include as many pilots as possible, so we will probably have more than one flying task per day or the flying task will be modified for pilots of different skill levels. Clinics will also be on the schedule. Let’s have fun!

The following is a blurb about September Fest and the evening entertainment (sent out by Stacy Murdoch).

The LMFP September Fest is approaching, and we wanted to get some details to you all regarding a super fun weekend Sept 17-19 of flying and fun. There will be lots of flying and friendly flying competition.

The weekend entertainment begins Friday evening, Sept 17th at 7 pm with big pots of homemade soup, salad, and beer (all complimentary), then Open Mike will start around 8-8:30. Dave Miller will be our Host for the evening, with talent abound! (We could use more by the way) Please email me: if you would like to participate, or know someone who might want to join in. It’s a great venue for anyone who likes to sing, dance, play an instrument, etc. and would like to practice their talent in front of a gracious audience.

On Saturday, Sept 18th LMFP has lots of fun flying tasks/activities all day long, and Saturday night the band Priscilla and Little Ricky will play us some great dancing tunes, plus Lisa will be serving a home made Mexican Feast, and of course there will be kegs. Just bring $10 for that evening.

Sunday will be another day for flying with your fellow pilots.

This event takes place the weekend before Team Challenge at Henson’s, so for those who are traveling to participate at the Tenn. Treetoppers event beginning Sunday the 19th, just come on in to Lookout Friday and have some fun flying with us too!

Let me hear from you about playing at Open Mike please,

Stacy Murdoch

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