September Fest and Photos

We’re putting together an awesome weekend for September Fest. September Fest will take place September 17-19th. This is a great lead in to Team Challenge (starts September 19th). Come a couple days early to fly with us, or stay a couple of days later to fly the Sequatchie Valley.

Here’s what we know so far…

Days to be filled with fun flying competitions for all skill levels. We plan on including: spot landing contests, fish bowl race (all turnpoints within sight of launch), coolest video, best launch, duration, xc, and bomb drops.

Open Mic night complete with food (provided by Shawn) and beverages. This is a super fun event. For those interested in participating, email Stacy Murdoch at

And…Some recent photos

The Tow Line
The tow line
Rich's LaunchWayne
Rich’s First Launch, The Lovely Wayne
Kim and Katherine
Francis and her beautiful new GT XC Harness

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