Local Pilots in Florida

As most of you probably already know, the Rob Kells Competition and the Flytec Race and Rally were the big Florida comps this April. What you might not know is that Lookout was well represented at both comps. Many pilots went down and flew in either one or both of the competitions. Local competitors included: Ollie Gregory, James Stinnett, Lucas Ridley, Eric Donaldson (one of our awesome tandem pilots), Barry Klein, Matt Barker, and Ricker Goldsborough.

Our local boys competed with top competitors from across the country and around the world: Jonny Durand, Dustin Martin, Zac Majors, Carl Wallbank, Glenn Volk, Zac Majors, Jeff O’Brien, Jeff Shapiro…

And…Ollie Gregory won the rigid wing division of the Rob Kells Competition. James Stinnett, after finishing 3rd on one day and 1st on the final day of the Flytec Race and Rally, came in 5th overall in the flexies division at the Rally. Check out Lucas and Eric’s blogs for posts about the Rally. Eric will also be presenting the Competition Clinic at 1pm on Sunday May 16 at the pro shop The clinic will go over what to expect and how to prepare for your first flying comp.

As a reminder, this Sunday May 9 is our launching and beginning soaring clinic taught by Dan Zink. Meet Dan at launch!

James James' Launch Congratulations James!

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