This Weekend’s Events

A reminder of upcoming events…hope to see you here.

The cleanup of Burkhalter Gap Road will begin on Saturday morning, April 3rd, 9 AM, meet at launch. Please plan on attending if at all possible, this will be a massive job and can only be accomplished if a lot of volunteers show up, the roadside is extremely trashy.

There will be a cookout on Saturday night, 7 PM, April 3rd, at the pavilion. I will be serving ham, baked potatoes, corn, salad and dessert. Unfortunately, due to the rising cost of food and paper products, $7 will be charged for cookouts this year. Following the cookout, dyeing of Easter eggs will take place, supervised by Shirley, so bring your youngsters. These eggs will be served for breakfast on Sunday morning, 9 AM, along with ham, bacon, biscuits, bagels, coffee and juice, everyone is invited to join us. An Easter egg hunt will follow breakfast, using plastic eggs stuffed with goodies. The Easter Bunny needs volunteers to assist him with the egg hunt, let me know if you can help on Sunday morning.


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