From one of our newer pilots…

Dear Matt,

For over 15 years I have dreamed of hang gliding, this winter that dream came true. I started my training in October and my entire experience with LMFP has been more than I ever expected. By the way, I got my first soaring flight this month! I am writing to you to brag on your staff. You really have a super professional staff at your flight park. Everyone I have encountered has been more than friendly and helpful. Gordon Cayce is the greatest instructor! Through his knowledge of our sport and patient encouraging style of instruction I feel like I received the best instruction available. Gordon truly welcomes new pilots and helps us fulfill our dreams of flight. Erik who allowed me to ridge soar on a tandem one evening for about one hour, what a great guy. I just want to say thanks JC, Jen who are always helpful and pleasant every time I visit. There are others like Dan, Lauren, and Rex who played a part in my training and they were all great. Again Matt thanks for what you are doing at LMFP. Please pass this along. I look forward to many more great flights off the Mountain.

Jeff Jones, Horizon 160

Thanks Jeff!

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