New Mountain Pilots!

What beautiful flying days the past two days have been! I always think of weekends like this as “out of the woodwork” days. They are the first really warm days of the year, and while there are a lot of pilots who have been enjoying the soarable days of winter, some pilots come out of the woodwork when the temps warm up. That’s exactly what happened, and there were some great flights.

On Friday, it looked like Saturday was due to be a very stable day. The day started with a pretty good tail wind, but with light and variable on the forecast it was launchable by early afternoon. Launch started filling up and many of the pilots (but not all) were here for their first flights of the year. Despite the stable prediction, Jeff, Terry, Alan, Rob, Scott, Eric, Marc, and Jean all had soaring flights (sorry if I’m forgetting anyone). Mike B. had his first soaring flight using only thermals and Ringo towed up for his first soaring flight of an hour. So, if you haven’t come out of the woodwork yet this year, come on up!

The late afternoon smoothed out for student conditions. Congratulations to Steve Wagner and Todd Perkins! Both of them had their first mountain flights yesterday.

Steve Launch Steve and his first launch
Todd todd Todd and his launch

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