Johnny, Jeremy and Jenny Had A Great Time

Jeremy, Johnny and Jenny Johnny and Jeremy

Johnny and his son Jeremy came out for the Introductory Experience this weekend, and they LOVED IT. Here’s what Johnny had to say…

I will turn 60 in November of this year. Since my earliest memories I have dreamed of flying. You all made that life-long dream a reality. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


We arrived on Thursday, Oct. 17. It was around 5:30PM and the sky had several flyers for us to watch. We met Shawn and Jason who were digging a septic line in the yard of the cabin next to the Hummingbird House where we stayed. I rolled down the window and asked if I was supposed to check in somewhere. Shawn shouted, “You just did! Welcome! Make yourself at home.” Jason smiled and gave us a friendly wave. We knew it was home!!


Another Jason, Jason Anderson, was our teacher the next morning at the bunny hills. He was very patient, very helpful, and very informative. We had to cut the lessons a little because the wind was picking up. We invited Jason to lunch so we could quiz him about this hang gliding thing. Again, so helpful.


Friday afternoon I was on a tandem glider with Clifton. He patiently talked me through every detail. When we flew, he actually allowed me to practice what Jason had taught us in the morning class. When I didn’t do something exactly right, Clifton explained how to do it better and let me try again. I want these two guys to continue to teach me! We WILL be coming back!


The entire staff- the folks in the store, the man on the field who helped us sign in to fly, the folks on the phone, and the folks on the training field- all were happy, super friendly, and extremely helpful. LMFP is one awesome place.


Another factor that made it doubly great was that my oldest son came with me. He loved it, too. He has that same desire to fly. 


I just had to tell you about my experience. Words can NEVER explain the emotions of a dream come true! What more can I say? THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!

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