Yesterday, Today


Its a winter wonderland. The couple of inches of snow make the hills and the valley especially beautiful. Only one student, Celess, made the drive over the snow covered streets to the training hill at 7:45. He was rewarded with his first foot launched flights.

The four wheeler couldnt climb the snow covered hill, but that didnt stop Celess. Some day hell be telling the next generation Back when I trained, I had to lug the glider, by myself, all the way up that gigantic hill in deep snow up to my knees”

Bringing sleds sounded like so much fun, but after getting out there, the question was Why sled when you can fly?

Celess Glider in Snow Left to right: Like sledding in the snow, and we get to leave the ground. Looking down from the small hill. Can you find the glider in the picture?


The top of the mountain is absolutely, amazingly beautiful today. The trees are covered in ice and everything is glistening in the sunshine. The sky is so blue and there is the occasional wispy cloud forming. Everything is bright and shiny; a site to see. Some pilots cleared a path down the middle of the ramp to enjoy this light wind, sunny winter day.

frozen windsock frozen launch With a frozen windsock, Mike used the wind indicators on the ramp to launch on this beautiful day.
frozen tree The pines next to launch.

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