Photo Contest…Learn to fly for FREE!

Attention all tandem flyers! BIG PRIZES!!!

Rob and Trish

Lookout Mountain Flight Park is holding its first ever photo contest! Here’s the scoop: Every tandem co-pilot has the oppportunity to purchase in-flight photos of their tandem experience. For those of you who received your roll of 12 in-flight photos, we want to see your best!

All you need to do to enter is send a good copy of your best photo, and include your name and contact info (please include telephone number and email) to:

Lookout Mountain Flight Park
Attention: Tandem Photo Contest
7201 Scenic Highway
Rising Fawn, GA 30738

What do you win….

Prizes for tandem photos:

1st prize: Mountain Package ($699 value) with a hat or tshirt of your choice
2nd prize: Weekend Package ($399 value) with a hat or tshirt of your choice
3rd prize: Introductory Experience ($199 value) with a hat or tshirt of your choice

What are we looking for…

Your photo should convey an enthusiasm for flight. Smiling faces. Beautiful shots. We want to be inspired!

Judging will take place on February 14th.

Okay, there always has to be at least one rule, the minimum number of contestents is 15…so tell your friends to join in as well!

Spectators dont despair! If you send us a picture that proves to be prize worthy we will consider it. And, this is only the first photo contest…there will be others.

So, pilots and students keep taking photos (and videos)!

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