Karen Loved It, Current Conditions, and Weekend Events



Karen came and took the Weekend Package with us and had a wonderful time. In the words of Karen,

“I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone at lookout mountain.  I had the most excellent trip I can remember ever going on.  The accommodations were certainly good for the experience.  I really want to praise Jason T. for the instruction on the beginner hill, and the TOTALLY AWESOME VIDEO TANDEM from August 5, 2013.  I can not get enough of that video… SWEET!”

“Thanks, again, and see you in the spring of 2014.  I can’t wait to come back and do it all over again!”


Current Conditions at 1pm, Thursday.  Soarable!

This weekend: Dinner in the LZ at 7pm on Saturday September 14.  Hot dogs, hamburgers and all the fixins.  Flight park members, students, friends and family are welcome to attend.

Sunday, September 15.  The last clinic of the season.  Meet Gordon at Pro Shop at 2pm EST for “Blowing in the Wind:  Why does the wind blow at certain velocities, certain directions, or at all?”  Hope to see you here…

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