Cynthia and Tirza

Cynthia and Dan Cynthia and Tirza Left to right: Cynthia, Dan and Augie, Cynthia and Tirza
Cynthia Kresse Cynthia

Check out Tirza and Cythia! The only two students tough enough to brave our coldest morning 22 degrees!

They were rewarded with a great morning of flying with a boat load of progress. It warmed up quickly and the sun made it feel like spring time. Watching the frost on the hill turn into steam is a great thing to see. Within an hour, the ladies were peeling off extra layers and flying like there was no cold weather at all. We know we’ll see a lot more of them this winter, and we invite all our students and hang gliding enthusiasts to come out and practice or just watch or come out for a hike in the woods.

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