Ice Cream and Pirates

What's your favorite flavor?


What do ice cream and pirates have in common?  Nothing, but we want to keep you updated on upcoming events and contests.  So, here it goes…

Saturday August 17th:  I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM…and pizza and beer! The ICE CREAM MAKING CONTEST (CASH PRIZES) is this Saturday, August 17th, at 7pm EST in the LZ Clubhouse. Make your best homemade ice cream for CASH PRIZES…1st prize is $100, 2nd prize is $50, 3rd prize is $25. LMFP will provide the toppings. Pizza and beer as well! $10 donation!

Now through Sunday, August 18th:  NEW CONTEST! Attention! WE NEED YOUR CREATIVITY HELP! We need a fun costume theme for Wingman Weekend and we want your input! Winner will pick the theme for the weekend and will get an exquisite Lookout Mountain Beer Mug! Submit your ideas by comment by Sunday! Winner will be announced Monday Morning and Tshirt designs will follow.  Post your ideas on our facebook page:  

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