Dinner, Keg, Clinic and First Flights

Did I mention there’s a keg on Saturday night? 8/10 join us for deli sandwiches, potoato salad and a keg! 7pm in the LZ. Flight park members, students, friends and family are welcome to attend.

There are still several spaces available for the parachute clinic on Sunday, 8/11 at 2pm. Call 706-398-3541 to sign up. Bring your harness and helmet to the sew shop!

And, check out the photos of some of our new pilots, including and father and son duo from Maryland. We’ve had great first flights this week. Great job everyone!

John getting ready for his first

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Sebastian (pictured above on his first mountain flight) had an amazing time with us:

I received my hang 2 and aerotow cert from LMFP last weekend . My solo aerotow went as perfect as can be due to the excellent training I received during my instructional tandems. Id like to really thank Clifton for giving me the tools needed to handle anything that came my way during the aerotow flights. I did 10 solos in one day and my skills and mental awareness grew with each flight. His knowledge and techniques which he shared with me gave me absolute confidence and took my flying skills to an entirely different level during tow and off tow. Thank you Clifton! 

Thank you Ozzy for providing me with a wealth of knowledge and advice during the entire training process. 

All the tug pilots especially Pablo and Phil for the fun  rides up and the ground crew for all the awesome support.

Id like to thank Mike and Dave for the check flights before my first solo aerotow! 

I cant wait to get back in the air! Thanks everybody at Lookout Mountain!

Did you used to have dreams as a kid about flying? Then as we grew older they just stopped! DO you remember that floating feeling? Forgot about it didnt ya! Trust me when I tell you this is it. This is what will bring back those dreams we used to have and also provide the magical and epic real life experience of actually living out that dream ! Nothing compares to the surreal view and sensations you will experience with this type of flight. Come up and take a tandem flight with an instructor and see for yourself! It will be the best decision you will ever make…..I promise!

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