Video from last weekend

Jeff Ater and his daughter Alyssa visited us last weekend. Alyssa was doing some training while Jeff was getting some flying in. It was a beautiful weekend with buttery smooth conditions on Sunday and Monday. Jeff posted this incredible video from his flight on Monday. FYI…the video was shot on the Go Pro Hero, a new camera that we have available at the shop for $189 (okay, a little shameless self promotion, but it was a beautiful day and some great footage.

2 thoughts on “Video from last weekend

  1. Enjoyable video, so peaceful, brings back many memories of when I started hangliding in 1973, I may have to get back into it. I live 7 hours away in NC, if I was any closer I know I would buy a glider and be a regular. Still may.

  2. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Jeff and Alyssa out on the training hills a few times. He’s a great guy, and is taking just a sheer joy in watching his daughter learn to fly. Best of the best to both of them.

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