Halloween Party Photos and a Big Thank You

The following is from Matt… The Halloween party was excellent. Creating an event like our annual Halloween Party is no easy feat and there are many people I would like to thank for all of their hard work… To Doris, Lisa, Nancy, Toni, Megan, Diane, and Kim thank you for the incredible feast. It was the best food of the season. Delicious homemade macaroni and cheese, fresh carrots and broccoli, amazing bread pudding and all of the fixings. Thank you also for all of the hard work setting up the party, serving the food, and cleaning up after the meal. We couldn’t do it without you. Thank you to JC for the incredible, fresh homemade pies. Thank you to Jen for managing the various details of the party including procuring chicken, beer and the outstanding band (Priscilla and Little Rickee). Thank you to Shawn for building an excellent fire. With all of the rain we’ve had lately, it was quite a job. And thank you to all of you who got in the Halloween spirit…there were some incredible costumes. I’m already looking forward to next year. We have some plans to make it an even bigger celebration. A thank you also goes out to Ray for documenting the event. The following are some of the photos he took at the party. For the rest, go to photos.visioncomm.net.
volunteers scottlia Left to right: The women who feed us, Scary Guy and The Center of the Universe
jodirex group Left to right: The cop and her detainee, the group
adrian x Left to right: The Group, A Duck, a Snowboarder and Darth
robindale joelmandy Left to right: Robin presents Dale with her winnings in the costume contest, King Kong and his favorite lady
adrian x Left to right: Groucho in a time warp, the Mulitasker with his Punk Wife and The Joker
jenkeith devo Left to right: Mr. Incredible and his supersuit desinger Edna Mode, Devo
adrian kdm Left to right: Some X-Men, hmm…

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