Soarable and Food Tomorrow…Next Week, Halloween!

The weather outlook shows it going northwest tomorrow afternoon! Usairnet is showing conditions going from west to northwest at 9in the afternoon, skies clearing a bit and cloudbase lifting to 12,000+. All this and temperatures into the low 60′s(and the trees are starting to show their colors). A beautiful day to be in the air! Tomorrow night is the last regular cookout of the year. There will be a variety of foods including brats and the fixins. Next weekend (Saturday, October 31) is Lookout’s famous Halloween Party: a great band out of chattanooga, broasted chicken, blanched garlic green beans, homemade macaroni and cheese, salad, rolls, homemade desserts, and Big River Kegs. Festivities are for flight park members, students, and members’/students’ friends/family. Don’t forget your costumes! For photos from last year’s party go to

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