Ann From Belgium

Dear LMFP staff, Although I have a great flight school with and a very experienced instructor in Europe, the weather and training hill conditions last year did not give me much opportunities to practice enough to get flying. That is why I decided to spend a week at the LMFP early October to give my training hill phase a boost. I have to say I was a little nervous to come over on my own, but I enjoyed every moment of it! The facilities are excellent (I want those training hills in my backyard), the instructors are great and even the weather gods were good to me. The accommodations in the LZ cabin were very nice and I got to know a lot of interesting people. (Many thanks for the party invitations :-) After an intensive week of training on the hills and a few tandem flights, I got the relieving words Youre off the hill. I didnt get my first flight of the LMFP launch due to tailwind conditions but yesterday, just a week after my return home, I did my first solo mountain flight here in Europe. I want to thank everyone I met at the LMFP for their support. I had a great time and took the last steps to my first real mountain flight. I am sure that I will return to the LMFP. That launch is still on my list Please bring my greetings to everyone, I hope to see you guys back soon! Kind regards from the other side of the ocean, Ann

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