Some Photos from the Weekend

Yesterday turned into a beautiful day, so most of the photos are from Sunday. As you can probably tell from the photos, I work up top and don’t get much of a chance to take photos at theaerotow program. If you have photos from the aerotow program I would love to put some on the blog. Please send anyphotos of the towboys, aerotow program, or tandems to me at Thanks! My far awayview of the aerotow program…
Aerotow Program
Congratulations to Adrian Sanchez for his first mountain flight (I think he ended up with four flights by the end of the weekend).
adrian Adrian's Launch Left to right: Adrian getting ready, Adrian’s launch
Philip Wipf Dean Funk Left to right: Philip Wipf in his new Horizon, Mr. Funk
Kurt Evenson October Pilots Left to right: Test pilot Kurt Evenson, Hanging on launch
Tandem Josiah and Adrian Left to right: A tandem flight, Josiah and Adrian

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