Holly had a great day

Holly Max after.
First, let me say that I never thought I was the “hang gliding” type. Now, after 15 minutes of flight time with Dan I cannot imagine that being a once in a life time experience. I began planning for my return trip before I even got back into my car. I’ve never felt more alive.
Dan is wonderful. His fantastic sense of humor and vast knowlege of hang gliding made it impossible to be nervous once I met him. I smiled the entire flight and have the photos to prove it.
I was amazed to see how affordable flight training really is. It truly is something that everyone can do. It certainly mixes things up between kids, cleaning house and working.
I will absolutely be back and though I am sure all of your pilots are just as skilled and fantastic as Dan is, I will never forget and always appreciate my first flight with him.
Thanks again…
Holly Karpew

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